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AFS Group

We’ve embarked on a transformative journey since our inception as AFS Group in the year 2000. Over the years, we’ve been crafting software solutions for third-party companies across the globe in diverse sectors, including education, automotive. logistics, security, and health.

This track record has established us as a trusted company known for delivering tailored software solutions to address a wide array of needs.

Security Online Solutions

However, some time later, we decided to introduce our own administration system focused on managing security for residential and commercial communities, providing a definitive solution to local companies in the city. Over time, and with the help of our affiliates. we have been growing and improving the application based on the suggestions and needs of our customers.

Today, Security Online Solutions is the most advanced and comprehensive application for managing and controlling access to communities and for tracking and supervising employees during their guard shifts. Security companies have seen us as a key business ally for managing their operations, bringing reputation and excellence to the services they provide to their communities.

Visitor Management System

In 2018, we launched “Visitor Management” to streamline the visitor registration process in our local community. Acknowledging the difficulties in handling and recording visitor data, particularly for security companies, we engineered a software solution that garnered enthusiastic support from both the community and security firms. This success allowed us to broaden our product’s accessibility, serving various security companies and reaching numerous new communities in all Florida. Today, this software is employed across various states in the United States.

Yards Truck Parking Management

In 2020. thanks to a special request from one of our clients, Yards Truck Parking Management was born—a dedicated application for managing parking spaces and available trucks, providing precise real-time GPS location. We leveraged the same technology used in our security application to obtain employee locations, this time focusing on vehicles. This Step allowed us to enter a new market where we were more than ready to once again present a solution to their problems.

My Property Access

In 2018, prompted by the demand for stronger connections between security companies, communities, and residents, the •My Property Access” application was introduced. It aimed to offer residents enhanced integration and direct communication with security companies, allowing precise control over unit access. Surprisingly swiftly. the resident application evolved to become essential, serving not just security companies but also property. management firms.


In 2023, the growing enthusiasm for our products among property managers sparked a remarkable journey of innovation. This momentum inspired the beginning of EzDoPM, a visionary software meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of property management companies. This not only revolutionized how property managers interacted with their communities but also empowered them to streamline their internal operations. But our journey didn’t stop there. We envisioned a future where every aspect of property management seamlessly converged, where efficiency and integration redefined the industry standard. Thus, we integrated EzDoPM with community access control systems, creating a harmonious ecosystem where management tasks seamlessly synchronize with community security measures.

SOS Online Solutions

We have changed!

Our solutions have achieved exponential growth in such a way that each new product opens the doors to more opportunities, new challenges and large markets; where we have found infinite possibilities to leverage businesses, projects and dreams.

Our motivation remains intact and with the experience acquired in this beautiful journey we are bigger and better every day, so we will not only continue to offer new solutions but we return to our origins offering the necessary support for the development of the products that the market needs.

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