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Security Online Solutions

Your management partner supervising guards activities, posts duties and much more.

To Accelerate Your Business Growth



SOS' optimizes risk management, enhancing property management contracts.



Our solution ensures real-time security monitoring and rapid client communication.



We innovate in security technology, adapting quickly to market changes and needs.


Some features of security guard management software.

Time & Attendance

Guard Arrival and Departure time control with GPS tracking within hot Geo-fence notification.

GPS Tracking

Real time tracking Officers and Devices with customized individual configuration.

Incidents Reports

Live reporting Incidents, Parking Violations, Maintenance Reports, Internal issues, and much more.

Online Map
Guard Tours

Site tours and property rounds with NFC or QR capabilities with checkpoints alerts and instructions.

Different Features One single Platform

Experience the convenience of seamlessly accessing multiple features within a unified platform. Simplify your workflow and maximize productivity with our comprehensive solution designed for all your needs.

Employees Tracking

Employees Tracking

Keep your team safe and connected with real-time location tracking for enhanced collaboration and support.

Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Effortlessly engage with your audience through effective mass communication channels. Strengthen connections and outreach.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Empower decision-making with detailed insights and customizable reports for optimized performance analysis.

Payroll Report

Payroll Report

Access comprehensive payroll reports for accurate financial tracking and streamlined payroll management.


Key features

Empowering Businesses Across Continents. 

IOS & Android APP

Streamline the process with our versatile iOS and Android app. Simplify your life, wherever you go.

Clock & Clock Out

Effortlessly track work hours with our clock-in and clock-out feature. Streamline time management.

Parking violations

Manage parking violations with our intuitive solution. Ensure compliance and streamline enforcement.

Common areas control

Effectively oversee common areas with our intuitive solution, enhancing community experiences seamlessly.

Friendly online support

Access friendly online support for all your inquiries. We're here to assist you promptly.

Employees Database

Manage employee data with our comprehensive database. Simplify HR task with efficiency.

Free updates forever

Enjoy perpetual free updates, ensuring your software remains cutting-edge without additional cost.

Inactivity Detection

Detect and address inactivity promptly with our advanced monitoring system. Keep operations running smoothly.

Web App Dashboard

Efficiently manage tasks with our intuitive web app dashboard. Simplify your workflow effortlessly.

Multiple Sites Management

Oversee multiple sites with our streamlined management solution for enhanced productivity.

Gate Integration

Seamlessly integrate gates with our solution, enhancing security and access control effortlessly.

Out of geofence Alert

Receive instant alerts when employees or assets leave designated areas. Stay informed and proactive.

Business or Residential

Security Company Management System that increases productivity simplifying processes, reducing operating cost and providing a great value to your clients with constant monitoring of the guard’s activities carried out during their shift.


Web Prototype Intuitive Design


Intuitive Design

Intuitive navigation tailored for ease of use and efficiency.

User-friendly interface with a responsive touchscreen design.

Multi-platform compatibility ensuring a seamless experience across devices.

Speed Test Training Efficiency


Training Efficiency

Streamlined training processes for platform officers.

Intuitive system design reduces learning curve and training time.

Savings Cost Saving


Cost Savings

Enhanced digital filing systems for optimized storage solutions.

Economical data transfer capabilities.

Digital storage optimization to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Server computer Management


Administrative Management

Comprehensive tools to manage all aspects of a security officer's administrative duties.

Centralized administrative control for streamlined operations.

Website Monitoring



In-depth monitoring of officer activities and post activity with round-the-clock reporting.

Access to detailed reports via a web portal, providing insights into operations.

Comprehensive coverage of who, what, where, when, why, and how, for full situational awareness.

Security Computer Real-Time Management


Real-Time Management

Real-time management of officers' activities for immediate oversight.

Communication and response protocols designed to be swift and cost-effective, enhancing team and client engagement.

Centralized software for efficient operations coordination.

Data Analysis Analytical Reporting


Analytical Reporting

Detailed analytical and statistical reports to inform decision-making.

Data-driven insights available for strategic planning and performance assessment.

Web Responsive Platform Compatibility


Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform functionality to work with various operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Focus on delivering more performance with less cost, ensuring economic and operational efficiency.

Available in Android & iOS

No proprietary or expensive equipment required!

Security Online Solutions is available for iPhone and Android devices capable of scanning or reading QR codes and NFC tokens. It does not require the purchase of exclusive equipment to use the application, positively impacting the costs of your company.

Unified Portal

Keep connected to your administrators, supervisors, HR and customers. Monitor and control all employee activities, shift log, incidents reports, geo locations, historical reports and more.

Your Partner for Software Solutions

Crafting Tailored Software Solutions for Your Success, Your Strategic Technology Partner.

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At SOS Online Solutions, we are leaders in the world of software development. With a passionate focus on technological innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have built a strong reputation as creators of customized solutions that drive business success.

We stand out for our ability to combine cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of business needs. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to quality make us the trusted partner of numerous organizations.

Our vision is to lead the forefront of software development. We strive to be pioneers in the industry, charting the course toward a more efficient and technologically advanced future for our valued clients.

At SOS Online Solutions, we are committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We contribute to the community through support programs and are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact.

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